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10 Elements of Great Experience Design

The best experience design creates an unforgettable impression and totally immerses visitors into the brand.

How Music Influences Brand Perception at Events

Using music in your experiential marketing is important. What music you choose, plays a large, more vital role in how people perceive your brand.

NRF 2016: Personalization of In-Store Experiences

At this year's NRF Convention, the theme for most brands was retail technology and the ability to personalize shopping experiences for each shopper.

2016 Event Technology: Keep An Eye Out

More innovation than invention, look out for these technologies as they make a lasting impression on 2016 and event marketing.

The Value of Charging for Experiences

Does it ever make sense to charge attendees for experiential marketing? Short answer, sometimes. Discover why and the benefits.

Use Events to Connect with Influencers

Using events to connect with influencers is a great way to get in front of people who can sway opinions towards your brand, product or service.



#NRF2016 was all about in-store #personalization and the retail tech tools to make it happen
Check out this heavy duty @CaterpillarInc experience at #WOC2016!
Looks like a "hit" to us! @KonamiGamingInc #ICE2016
Today marks our third year working with @KonamiGamingInc at #ICE2016 and it just keeps getting better and better!
.@chalkitupsigns @Budweiser No, No. Thank you!
RT @chalkitupsigns: Thank you @Budweiser,@sparksmarketing #Cheers! #chalkboard #livechalk

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