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What Integrated Marketing Really Means in Events

Integrated marketing is a buzzword that's commonly misused. Find out what integrated marketing really means in events.

6 Questions You Should Ask Your Event Agency

With events marketing on the rise, finding the perfect agency partner is vital. Here are 6 questions to ask your potential event agency.

Sparks Named to Event Marketer's 2015 Fab 50 List

Sparks named one of Event Marketer's top 50 exhibit fabricators in its annual Fab 50 list.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Event Data

With the ease of collecting vast amounts of data at events, the treat of data vulnerability is always present. Here are 5 tips to protect event data.

Tech EM: inFORM 3D Digital Pinscreen

The inFORM 3D interface from MIT's Media Lab takes the old idea of a pinscreen to create a 'display' made of physical pixels that can take shape.

Striking a Balance: Internal Meeting Agendas

Internal meeting agendas should strike a balance between insightful content, networking, and social events.



Not sure if your #event agency is the right fit? Here's 6 questions you should be asking:
New on the blog: Jeff Harrow clarifies what the #buzzword #integrated really means:
SVP of #Events @robinlickliter discusses turning attendees into brand advocates @imediatweet:
RT @StorylandStudio: @sparksmarketing @EventMarketer Wooo! Congrats!
SVP of #Events @robinlickliter discusses turning attendees into brand advocates @imediatweet:
RT @j_lynne_o: SVP of #eventmarketing at @sparksmarketing @robinlickliter discusses turning attendees into advocates on @imediatweet http:/…
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We've Got 2015 Covered!

Sparks is seeking brands that don't only want us for our good looks. We have brains too…

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